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Who We Are

Actually, before we talk about who we are,

let’s talk a little about who we aren’t

Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) is not a traditional insurance organization.

We’re a technology-driven company that knows a lot about the healthcare needs of U.S. citizens abroad, and foreign-born populations living in the U.S. 

We employ technology in new and innovative ways…
Ways that empower our service teams and customers to achieve new levels of excellence every day…ways that enable us to respond to over 500,000 service encounters per year…and ways that help us live up to our promise to deliver astonishing results to all of our stakeholders. 

But it’s not just about machines at PCU. 
We collaborate with top-rated, globally recognized insurance companies. We serve a large network of insurance producers and professionals from around the globe. And we employ a staff of underwriters, technologists, medical clinicians and customer service specialists who work daily, around the clock, to make our customers’ international healthcare experiences a bit easier.


PCU is a healthcare management and administration company providing cost-saving solutions and insurance for international travelers, multi-national organizations, government sponsored programs and other international establishments. PCU is an approved Coverholder for Lloyd’s, London and as such, has authority to quote, bind and administer a range of insurance products on their behalf.

Point Comfort Underwriters- Our Building

PCU was established in 2014 by insurance industry veterans with decades of international experience. We are located in the international insurance center of Indianapolis, Indiana and are proud to be in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood.